Written by Anonymous

22 Dec 2020

So at a cousins wedding just over a year ago after tying the knot with her new husband the fun half of your standard Irish wedding began and before we know it pints became shorts and rounds we’re getting quicker. I ended up just myself and the groom having a yap and a bit of banter. Now I’m not sure how but I’m assuming it was the brandy that made it sound not so weird but it then became him telling me they wanted to make a cuckold video on their wedding night and if I would be into it. I dunno why but my response was a quick yeah fuck it, my thinking was she’s a decent looking blonde and I wasn’t really too sure what they had in mind. Long story short it was myself and a friend of the groom and it was the first time I’ve ever experienced double penetration on a girl and I’ve never got my dick sucked so fast, not because of the girl but because the other lad at the back of her giving her the hardest anal I’ve ever seen. And we haven’t acknowledged what happened since but I still wank to the videos to this day

Tags: cuckold