Adult cinema Dublin

Myself and a FB of mine are the king of heading to the adult cinema on Mary Street on Tues the 25th of July. Let me know if you re interested in meeting up. She loves getting naked in public.

Is this glamworld?


Definitely interested in bern there!

sorry but this has been postponed until next Tuesday due to work commitments..

An update on this. Not a great spot for a couple . We went in on a Tuesday afternoon hoping there night be one or two there but not holding out much hope. In fact it was the opposite there was a lot of single males there. As soon  as we sat down they were straight over on top of us. We then moved to one of the booths that has a viewing glass so someone can sit in the other booth and watch. This was much better until the guys outside started arguing over who should sit in that booth. Very uncomfortable for the lady and only for she was with me I would have given one or two of them a smack. They carried on like pack animals.

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