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Hi all, We are a couple in our late 30's. We've dabbled with the swinger scene since our mid 20's but only through occassional visits to swinger clubs in UK/Europe and a handful of S4I parties that we've attended in Ireland. The last few years have been consumed with family, kids, building a business and all that goes with that, but the family is now a little older, the business on solid ground, and we'd like to look at getting more involved in the scene again. We don't really want to go back to the idea of weekends in Europe, too many drinks, find a swinger club and see what happens (and then repeat 6 months later!). We're more inclined to try to find out a little more about the scene in Ireland, meet some genuine couples and look at making this more part of what is already a busy lifestyle for both of us. As a first step towards this goal, we would love to meet up with a couple who are reasonably active swingers in Dublin who would be simply happy to meet us for a coffee, a drink or something to eat. With no expectations at all, other than to have a chat and find out more about their experiences and how they find the scene in Dublin/Ireland. We're completely open minded and would love to just find out more. If there are any couples out there who might be interested in doing that, we'd be delighted to meet up. We're North Co. Dublin based, but happy to travel in the general Dublin area. Also happy to meet at a cafe, your home, a bar... whatever suits. We're not tee-totalers, but also realise that copious amount of alcohol are not absolutely necessary either! Any genuine couples out there, willing to hold our hands, please do get in touch by reply or PM. Many thanks for reading our message. BARNI.

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