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Hi folks... I'm new here. I've had my profile a while but decided to finally get around to being active on here. I figured the best place to start would be the chat rooms but I found the 'newbies' room was kind of... Not full of newbies! Instead it seemed to be full of people who know each other quite well and who mostly just talk privately. As a newcomer, I thought I'd feed back a bit with my impression, which is... oesn't that defeat the object of having a newbies room? I didn't feel very welcome apart from some chat with sluttywifecouple (thank you!). Are there times when it's easier for newbies to chat? Did I just get there at the wrong time? Or should I try and introduce myself some other way? Perhaps I could create a different newbies room or something. Anyway... Glad to be here. Cheers, Si.

Hi and welcome Si
newbies is the room people automatically land in when they log into chat. It has been discussed as to whether the newbies should be sent to a different room but the best way to get into this scene and establish connections is by mixing. So essentially what I will say is, we were all newbies at some stage, we all started where you did, sticking to a room where your companions are also newbies might not prove too beneficial when it comes to actually taking the swing plunge.
Persist with chat, nothing happens here overnight, yes people here know other people, but it's through regular chatting or having actually met. Of course you are going to feel a bit isolated to start with..... but once again..... we were all where you are now.

Welcome you have to take the bull by the horns in here mate some nights the place be crazy just start saying hi and join in on the craic,but always rem be respectful friendly that goes along way with other members hope my advice helps.
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