Seem to be Lost

I typed in Garden Furnature into google and ended up here dunno:eeek: Seems there are a fair few versions of "swings" to choose from Can any Females of low to no morals please give me a push swingingchair

woohoo Ding... need me to hold yer.. ahem.. hand?

Ding we were wondering where you got too.... Broke your last swing did you? I thought you preferred indoor "gym" to out door "equipment" Full of surprises it would seem icon_lol

oh dear... did this happen to you again ding whistling

rotflmao Uppy icon_lol

"Who left the back door open?" icon_lol Welcome back sir, mi casa es su casa! I took the summer off too, delighted to be back home.

u back slumming again brat lol kiss
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