seduce my wife as i watch

mary is 50 size 16 willbe good fun if you can move on her and get her to bed i love to watch her play any takers

im up for that

Your wife

The question is..... Is Mary up for that???? Jack


jack as you can see dreamer 365 can confirm mary likes to play can you

I'd love to do that!

i be up for that if she can take a young guy?


id really be up for that

Greetings from 1MAC

hi there thats a serious job,,,,but i suspect i could win her over. love to hear from you


Id be up for that, no problem whatsoever


Hello I just Read You,r Message I would Love to Take Mary to Bed . Please Reply

your wife fantasy

i have exactly the same fantasy rearding watching my wife but cant get cooperation anymore 55 year old dublin based male here may be willing to assist you watching me strip and maybe spank your wife while you sit and interest in timewasters but you may like to reply

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