All over them?? Some do I guess whistling Are you looking forward to a trip to Cork soon? whistlingbounce

we sure are icon_lolicon_lol is there anyone meeting up before hand?? as in the saturday icon_lol

For sure Bobbys, we'll all be there watching the Rugby whistling Are you wearing red next Saturday night?

Yes wearing red in some capacity icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol are you bringing sex toys with you to Cork ?

No Did you ever have fun outdoors, knowing that you were being watched

yes...would like a night with Roxyxxx.....would anyone like to join Us?

Yes,,but prob too late lol,,,,have you ever been surprized(shocked) at coming across a person on a swinging site ie. a relative maybe school teacher etc????

are u sure u wanna use the phrase coming across   wink

Yes lol( id cum across you any day slightlyicon_lol ) have you ever seen an x school teacher on a site??

No. If you did come across an x teacher would you contact them?

depending on how the teacher was to approch ,if he or she was approchable then I would .If the teacher sent you a tex would you reply

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