Upcoming Site Changes

Hi all,

I wanted to create this thread to keep everyone informed about the upcoming site changes and ongoing projects that we're working on.  

At the moment our main target is to update each public section of the site to help improve with our search rankings to bring more people into the site.  Google seems to favour mobile compatible sites which is why we're targeting the public side first and then we'll move onto the internal member pages.
So far we've done:

  • Main landing homepage
  • Signup 
  • Browse
  • Chatroom
  • Dogging
  • Stories
  • Photo Ads
  • Forum
  • Clubs
  • Search
  • Misc information pages (such as terms and help articles)

We've just completed the Gallery and we should hopefully be updating this section later today.  In addition to it working on mobile and tablet devices with a simple left / right swipe, from next week we will be increasing the photo and video sizes for Premium members and offering Extras members 'HD' quality videos (where available)

Still to go, we have:

  • Groups
  • Events

After these, as mentioned, we'll focus on the member pages, most likely in this order:

  • Mailbox
  • Profiles
  • General management pages

Most recently, we've been working on the chatroom webcams.  Niggling us over the past few weeks is an issue where webcams are showing as being available to view when they have in fact been turned off.  Therefore when attempting to view the webcam, members have experienced an error message that the webcam isn't available.  We're close to a solution where we can detect whether the webcam is available better.  This should be available from next week.

For the past few months we've also been working on a new Instant Messenger.  This will replace the existing one and will also be compatible and reliable on mobiles and tablets (hurray).   Hopefully if the final testing goes well, that should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Our development of a chat application has also continued and progressed well, with the goal where members will be able to publish themselves on their mobile / tablet webcam whilst using the chatroom at the same time.  Not to be confused, last year we launched an application where members could use their mobile / tablet as a separate wireless webcam whilst using their desktop to chat in the chatroom.

We mentioned last year that we had planned a new viral interaction feature.  Before the end of 2015, we launched this on another (quieter) website to optimise and improve how that works.  We took a lot of feedback on board from the site members and our improvements are still ongoing.  The feature will become a new part of the members homepage, so that's why we've been so sensitive about testing and improving before we consider putting that live here.

Lastly, our next focus is to completely redevelop the chatroom.  With newer technologies available since we last developed it, there are improvements that we can do to maintain stable connections for those who have poor connections or experience connection issues.

Thanks for reading.

Thank you!  I waited months to have an idea of what was happening on the background. Nice to see the changes and looking forward to enjoying the next improvements 

Tech issue

hi guys 

I'm presently trying to access the encounters section . This issue ongoing for a couple of weeks. . Stating if this persists contact our help section.


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