Uploading picts

Hi folks, The last few times we have uploaded images we are finding that they don't all upload at once. Sometimes takes several attempts to upload only a handfull of images. It is the same on chrome and internet explorer. Just want to bring it to the teams attention. Limes.

If it happens again can you record the time and what browser you were using, raise a ticket to tech to allow remote assistance, record any error messages or take screen shots of what your experience is......... Everything helps.

Uploaded pics awaiting

How long does it usually take to approve pics?

Uploaded pics awaiting

Quote by Bond4life
How long does it usually take to approve pics?

It can vary - Mods approve the pics, so as soon as a mod checks to see if there are any pics to be approved, they get approved. It might take an hour or two, depending on when they're submitted.

uploading pics

Since I tryed uploading a few pics of my own I can't see my pics or anyone elses pic that they have on there profile or I can't see the pics in the main gallery... can sum1 tell me u this is happening plz?

Been trying to upload a pic for last week and it's not getting thru ya see on page Awaiting Approval you refresh page and it's gone 

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