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I've been whispered by a few single males in the chatroom recently, I'm very staright btw and I have no problem with whispers, a lot of them asked the same did you get with that couple/person, some doubting the couple profile was real or maybe even was I, so here is how to get noticed....or mildly put get a ride icon_mrgreen

Consider this place a virtual online NiteClub, if you walked into a NiteClub tonight you wouldnt walk up to a pretty girl and whip out your cock and say wanna fuck, a lady needs to be seduced, both in here and elsewhere, just because a person is on a Swing site, it does not make them easy, they still need the mind stimulated

I wrote the below a few years back so here it is again, not that I need to say this ....but correct me if I'm wrong lol

1.The first and most important thing here is your profile, if you go into chat for example and say hi to the room or simply send a message to someone, there is a good chance that that someone will have a look at your profile. First impressions last they say, so when this happens you need to grab their attention. Most males have very little written on theirs,god, how long does it take to write a few original words describing yourself and what your looking for, perhaps write something funny or unusual that may make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

2. Add some photos, and I think there may be enough of the usual cock in hand shots here, maybe I'm wrong, even a simple photo of you dressed in a shirt and tie or maybe doing some activity you like(not incl wanking) like maybe sking, parachute jump,standing on top of a mountain or simply at some famous landmark or just lying by the pool. Just because its a swing site it doesnt mean in every photo you need to see a cock. And if your uploading photos go to the hassle of getting Picture Verified, its shows you've made a wee effort and your real and serious about this lifestyle and dont worry, nobody sees the pic only admin, its not going to appear in the farmers journal or the local mass bulletin.

3 Go into the chatrooms and say hi, its here most of the flirting goes on and people get noticed, you may find it a cold place at first and i know the "novices room" is mainly full of anything but novicess and you may feel out of place or alone but stick at it, participate in the various and sometimes strange conversations, add your take on it and believe me you will have people chatting you in no time. And while we're on the chatroom thing i must mention the whispers, firstly if you want to whisper, have the manners to ask, secondly if your going to whisper make sure you whisper something relevant/funny/interesting/original and not the usual shite like nice tits or how are you, been here long, im in galway next week and i have a big cock, wanna fuck, I personally dont think it works, women here, like anywhere else have to be seduced and they've heard it all before so think before you ask to whisper.

4. This is very important, read peoples profiles, if they say "no single males" or "if we want single males we will find you" or there looking for guys over 5'10 as the lady is 5'9 and wears heels and your only 5'7, respect that and dont annoy them or waste their time by messaging them.

5. Dont go online and send friend requests to every female or couple, its not a competition to see who has the most friends, most people here will only accept friends requests from just that "friends" or people they know online and have chatted before so lads go handy on that button

6.Dont ask stupid questions like the following, what are you into, where in galway are you from, what your real name, can I have your phone number, can I see your private pics etc etc. take the time to get to know someone first, then down the line when they feel comfy with you maybe ask to see pics then, most peoples private pics are here to be shown to people they intend to meet and are not wank bank material for sinle guys.

7.Have manners, dont speak down to ladies here or think any less of them because their on a swing site, and they are as I said, Ladies, just like any others, dont be vulger or believe because their on a swing site that their going to ride you, like i said earlier, they need to be seduced just like any other, both body and mind.

8.Dont speak badly of anyone or be name dropping or telling stories, we're not n school anymore, this is a small community and a close one and be discreet.

9. Try and get to a Meet n Greet, it'll get your face and name known, you may even get a comment or member verified out of it.

10.If your lucky enough to get to meet a lady or a party invite, make an effort,be showered and shaved and make sure to be shaved in the right areas depending on the ladies preference, also dress smartly or appropritaley depending on the dress code. Also dont turn up empty handed, bring a bottle of wine or a box of choclates and most importantly a box of condoms and use them, not the choclates the condoms

11. And finally, be patient, dont try rush the lady or couple or be pushey, good things come to those who wait.

12. Respect others, if they want discretion make sure to offer it.

I hope you find this helpful and please feel free to correct me or add to this. Sparkie

Great post Sparkie pity that no one takes any notice or not many anyway wink

Thanks for the rundown, it's very helpful.

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