Quote by slippery
When theres no chocolate in the house where's the man with the milk tray box jumping through my window icon_sad

The Black Widow struck ......... he's left the site

Bad manners and moody feckers grrrrrr

Bad feckers and moody manners lol lol

Those self service express checkouts in supermarkets.

Bi selective lol dohdoh

My service provider at the moment GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The fact that things have been a lot quieter here lately blink

People that can't park Between the Lines

When ya run upstairs and then forget why you went up happy it happens people who are happy and smiley 24/7 lately youtube adds drive me crazy people in Mc donald's who stand in the que for 15 mins and when at the top don't know what they want and stand there with mouths open " let me have ehhhhhhh" fuck off dickhead I'm hungry

People that look down their nose at others grrrr we all came into this world with nothing and go out with nothing..no one any better than the next person ....rant over

taxi drivers who think they know everything and worse still insist on telling me grrr just shut up and drive

Solo guys asking me ..what are you wearing?? Grrrrrrrdoh

Boiled the kettle and only afterwards realised I had no Tea Bags....nothing worse

Bin Juice. I hate doing the bins especially after the xmas.... Yuk! scaredicon_lol

Not sleeping

Hi happy Hi , How are you . Seen your profile , may be what you you would like If not sorry , but please let me know Maybe I could fuck you to sleep

I'd prefer to keep you awake chappy.... wink

People wheeling pushing there prams and hitting of your ankle not given a second thought there after skinning the foot of ya icon_lolicon_sad

Annoying people that talk in terms of 'sleeps' thinking their all 'cutsie'. They are called days people, we're not feckin 5 year olds!! Act like it! Right, rant over, I feel better now! :-)

rainy monday nights...

That makes us all go Grr happy!!!
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