Would you have sex with the person above!! part.1...

Would you have sex with the person above!! part.1..69position

Hmmm I don't know... maybe... you'd have to maybe buy me a drink first... chat for a bit... get to know me.... icon_wink Then.... if you're lucky!.. bounce ... you'd get it!!! icon_lolthrilled

If he was bi.....maybe,,,we only swing as a bi cpl

Definitely without a doubt. I havent a clue what Mrs Raven looks like but her intellect is very very attractive indeed.

oh yes defo, thats on the top of my to do list this year thrilledpassionkiss

ooooo god yes if given the chance. lovely profile like that

Judgeing by his ass pic on profile eemmmm yes icon_lolicon_wink

Ohhh Yeah!!!!!! After last night, definitely on my wish list evil:happy:evil

Ah leave him guessing icon_lol but I'd deffo wax his ass crack again :eeek:swingingchair

No guessing here Amber icon_lolicon_lol

if you gave us a clue you mite have a chance!!

get some pics on dubhead.....

Hell yeah, invite being sent to this couple for our next party

Yep we'd defo love to party with these guys xxx

Bring it on bounce

Absolutely. Given half the chance pics are there

give this one a miss..

a clean shave and it mite look better rotflmao

A resounding yes..... icon_twisted

Titan79 you get a thumbs up whip

....no second thoughts needed...yes yes yes.

Quote by pussyluvcock
Titan79 you get a thumbs up whip

She wouldn't have to twist my arm, and in fact i'd like if she let me grab her by hers behind her back whip


i've been told i am!! icon_lol lol

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