If I'm dat distracted by d passion I wudnt know the difference, gud sex is gus sex , so no Have u ever dragged someone who's been flirting with u all night into a dark corner r loo to snog/shag em

once in my local whatops: and both of us had to come out when someone went banging on loo door whatops: Do you have ur wellies ready for this summer?? :/ :/

No, although something tells me I should have. Do you ever wear sunglasses even though the sun ain't shining?

No......but if Mrs. Meandthewife was around I may have to I belive I'd be dazzled !!!! Have you fun planned for tonight ????

No sad I've often had to wear sunglasses because of her ...but that's to hide the black eyes! icon_rolleyesicon_lol Ever been trapped in a broken down lift?

Yes Scared for life taz Has time made the swinging life style easier?

No, but that's because we never found it difficult in the first place! icon_twisted Ever cheated at cards?icon_confused:

No, I'm a terrible liar, I get flustered and give myself away. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

No .....well not yet lol lol Any naughty plans for the weekend?

Hell yes helens gf is over tomorrow so fun fun :-) Have you ever lied to get laid?

whatever it takes lol lol ................ dat'd b a no lol i'm too slow to lie for a shag lol i usually dont realise i'm onto a sex till i go over the situation d next day rotflmao :rothflmao: have you had fun out under the stars over the last few weeks of our glorious summer

Sadly no If a man is walking in a forest and no women is there to hear him is he still wrong?

Yes..... icon_rolleyes What is it with the male of the species not wanting to ask for directions?! Have you the Monday blues?

nope silly no reason for it banghead Are you enjoying the summer??

Yes and it's only gonna get better icon_wink If women came with a manual, do you think men would read it? icon_lol

Hell NO!!! icon_lol Have you any naughtiness planned this week?

Tonight. She's calling round to my hotel room and wants to fuck wearing suspenders and stockings in the shower! Ever begged to have your ass fucked hard?!

:eeek: :eeek: DEFINATELY NOT :eeek: :eeek: boltbolt Did ya get sunburn during our heatwave??

No I take d sun gud (like all hot things !!! giggle ) Are you enjoying the school holidays

Yes ( no traffic ) Do women like cum all them?
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