Yes, nothing better than a roaring fire a few glasses of wine and some good company !! Do you like chocolate ?

Yes milk and white but not bourneville dark. Although I am partial to an after eight ( isnt that right kkgirl wink ) Cougars: so last decade?

Yes in that its a stupid term made up by men who are intimidated by women who own and celebrate their own sexuality by actually using what she has. If you don't use it you'll loose it. And what's with it anyway man in his 50's sees a woman in her 20/30s and he's a legend but a woman is seen as something more degrading. Honestly beggar s belief. I know I certainly don't plan on turning into a dried up husk anytime soon icon_lol Are you glad to finally see the stretch in the evenings? (If your a secret dogger I'll expect that to be a no lol)

Yes. Now I can take my dog out and let him off the lead without fear of loosing site of him. Dried up husk!! Thats the second time this week your terminology made me burst out laughing rose Do you like nachos with cheese at the cinema?

no its nasty would you deliberately hurt somebody

God no... It's not in my makeup to be mean or nasty or hurt people. If anything I over worry about things like that. Hate the thoughts of even unintentionally hurting someone it doesn't sit we'll with me at all Do you sometimes just wish you could pack a bag and run off to somewhere warm and not tell anyone but the person your dragging with you?

Quote by Kitten28
Do you sometimes just wish you could pack a bag and run off to somewhere warm and not tell anyone but the person your dragging with you?
Would you change one major feature of your body?

Quote by upforitgirl
would you deliberately hurt somebody

No, the guilt would be too much!

Bulldozer you're supposed to aska yes no question! So I'll ask it for you... Would you meet someone in a hotel room blindly if you'd been chatting and had serious chemistry?

No ... Although I did once a very longtime ago thankfully it worked out ok but he was commented on verified and known. But I wouldn't do it and wouldn't advise it from a safety point of view. Will you be scoffing pancakes for dinner tonight ? icon_lol

Nope I never had any. Finally had some for breakfast yesterday. lickface Have you ever planned a meet and then blew them off to meet someone else?

Yes.. I once double booked myself and had to choose.. Do you get involved in politics or just go with the flow..

No ....don't do politics. Do you prefer evening meets?

no i'm a daytime meeter Do you have a height restriction for meets?

As long as your taller than me I'm happy. rotflmao Do you prefer repeat meets?

A couple of times is best after that it gets complicated So NO is the answer Would you meet unverified members ?

Yep, If the chemistry is there then why not? Would you ever act on lust, with a friends partner?

No, never ever!! Couldnt do that, good friends are too hard to find!! Have you ever slept with someone to get ur own way? Like a boss in work for promotion/ preferential treatment for example??

Ashamed to say but yes! Misspent youth! ------ Are you an "in your face" person or an "In your head" person?

Ha, can switch between both depending on the day but definitely more of the heady stuff happy Is a language barrier a turn off?
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