getting my job finished love


watched recording of take me out this morning good craic icon_lol

Oh the naughty thoughts of going to cork next weekend wohooooooo icon_lolicon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

This Valentines tragedy brought a tear to my eye with the laughing. icon_lol

Eh Cork what a weekend old friends n new bouncebounce

The naughty memories of a durty sexy weekend in cork icon_lolicon_lolicon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

Back working out since monday and my fitness is increasing already ...bring on the stamina icon_lol

When the power went in work today & got to go home early

On a flight back to Dublin sitting in the aisle seat half asleep... and the girl beside me had to go to the wc , she shock my arm and said, "so so sorry to wake you but I need to go....I though you might freak it if I climbed over you...." If only she knew....:-)

Unexpected lunch tomorrow with a sexy friend mmm

The tit for tat nature of this site .. It puts a smile on my face ! Lol

The tit for tat nature of this site .. It puts a smile on my face ! Lol

wouldnt yiz like to know icon_lolicon_lol

This made me giggle a bit.... well a lot icon_lol

I saw this on another site icon_lol I just don't get it! blink When a woman gets a vibrator its seen as a bit of naughty fun, but when a lad orders a 240 volt fuckmaster pro 5000, blow up latex doll with 6 speed pulsating pussy, elasticated anus with non drip semen collection tray together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system, he is called a pervert??? :eeek:grin

Karma is sooo sweet icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

hubbys cock icon_lolicon_lol

Reading forums icon_lolicon_lol

Yep the beard seems to be very much en vogue at the moment. I'm seeing a lot of guys out there with longer whiskers. Some are looking very sexy indeed and some.. well.... not so very sexy icon_wink This blog entry made me smile because I kinda agree icon_lol


Lovely girl in the gym with a sexy bum asking for advise wink

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