Cycling buddy with benefits, Part 2 A quick ride! Gay

Both Shane and I work from home which is convenient if the weather is conducive to an unscheduled training session. Shane works for a multinational company so does do the business trips abroad every few weeks.
One Monday morning about 8:30 am he texted “fancy a quick ride”, he had been in France for a week only arriving home Saturday evening. I told him I be ready by 11:00 am, asked where he wanted to go, two hours available and meet him at … Read more

Cycling buddy with benefits Gay

After years of being active playing various sports injury and eventually knee surgery resulted in me taking up cycling. As a new cyclist I was too fit to be considered a beginner but not technically strong enough for the local cycling clubs so I needed a cycling buddy. Luckily a neighbour was willing to show me the ropes.

Shane was mid-thirties, married and big into his cycling, flash bike and all the gear. He was an active type but normally i… Read more